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Configuration Services

SiSo specializes in the full roll-out and support of fixed and mobile devices. We take care of the entire delivery process. Are your employees switching to a new smartphone or tablet? SiSo unburdens both you and your employee at any desired location through efficient logistical support and the use of our online tooling, developed on the basis of best practices. Ask for our full installation and configuration services.

Implementation Services

The days of buying an IT solution real quick are over. The possibilities are so many that more and more organizations need advice on the (new) possibilities in IT and their applicability. Large IT processes take a lot of time and require high investments. IT has thus become an essential part of business operations.
SiSo helps customers connect, grow and save costs.

Project management

IT project management requires management knowledge and IT knowledge. Our IT project management team sets up, plans, supervises and executes IT-projects efficiently, no-nonsense and with a wide range of IT knowledge.

Hard- & Software migration

SiSo implements and migrates Windows servers, Linux servers, firewalls, VPN solutions, routers & and workstations, carefully and efficiently. We deliver new systems configured and working. We put together step-by-step plans for installation or migration in close consultation with you.

IT Removals and Cable Management

IT is a crucial part of your relocation. Do not take any risks of loss of productivity or data or dissatisfaction among your employees during relocations by choosing a professional specialist.

Loose winding cables are a common annoyance in many offices. Despite modern technologies such as bluetooth, wireless, lan, we are often left with a unsafe tangle of cables. Ask for our experiences and solutions.

Logistics services

Loading and unloading of IT assets without packaging is work for specialists. With over 25 years of experience, we dare to say that we are that specialist. Our staff is professional and passionate, our equipment state-of-the art and our focus on quality. This enables us to load and unload your products at any desired location with great care and speed.