Support & Maintenance

SiSo maintains and supports complete IT and telecom environments, which ensures that failures and disruptions are either prevented entirely or else kept to a minimum. We provide a comprehensive range of services, from the repairing of all IT-related hardware, the installation or relocation of complete systems to keeping your hardware and software up-to-date, even if your ICT environment includes equipment of different makes/models, ages and platforms. In this way, we ensure the continuity of both your IT and your business communications system. Our principal services in this field are:

“Continuity of your IT and business communications system”

IMAC-D Services

SiSo will provide you with trained Engineers for the installation, relocation, cabling, upgrading or removal of your workstations. Whether we are taking about 50 or 50,000 devices, we carry out all the IT hardware changes for our clients within the agreed timelines.

Our IMAC/D service means you can be sure that your office IT is always up-to-date, and this without any loss of productivity and at the lowest possible – and flexible – cost.

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Hardware guarantee & maintenance

Your equipment lasts longer than the standard guarantee period. What’s more, uninsured faults can occur. SiSo supplements manufacturers’ warranties with maintenance services that are authorized by the manufacturer. In this way, we provide you with the peace of mind that comes with a properly functioning ICT environment.

When returning equipment to the lessor, SiSo can not only provide data cleaning services but can also carry out minor repairs, so that the leasing company will not charge you any additional costs for incomplete and/or damaged and/or defective equipment.

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On-site support services

Our nationwide Field Service supports you at your site(s). Our engineers have been trained and certified by such leading computer manufacturers as Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, HP and Toshiba to diagnose, repair and install your equipment. We will assist you with the execution of all your helpdesk activities, as well as with aftercare, upgrading and configuration work.

Our partnerships with strategic partners mean that we can act as a service coordinator to provide you with support in other European countries for all your ICT problems, from your complete server environment up to and including the (mobile or other) workstations of all your employees.

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Resourcing Services

If you want to outsource the administrative or support activities for a longer period of time, or else need additional capacity to carry out an IT project, then you can sign a secondment agreement with SiSo.

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Voorraadbeheer & Warehousing

Our user-friendly and state-of-the-art Logit App allows us to analyze the inventory positions of our customers quickly and thoroughly. This means that they in their turn can capitalize on the supply and demand for goods and inventories, and have their stocks supplemented as and when necessary. Reverse Logistics has been integrated into this process. Our warehouse is protected and insured to the level of Alarm Category 4+, so you can sleep easy.

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Hardware As A Service (HAAS)

In partnership with our Partners, we offer you the option of an operational lease. An operational lease means your equipment is leased, with SiSo and its partners offering you the option of including the costs of their services in your lease model. If you take advantage of this option then you won’t need to make any capital investment or have any liquid funds at your disposal for the purchase, delivery, removal or maintenance of your IT hardware during its working life.

Another benefit of an operational lease is that legally you do not become the owner of the equipment, which means you do not need to depreciate it. In this way, your capital investment is shifted into operating costs, something that often improves your balance sheet position.

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