Our approach

SiSo’s approach is practical, focused on improvement and cost control, and is based on best practices amassed over the past 25 years on the basis of ‘keep it simple and keep your promises’.

SiSo’s target group is the entire spectrum of trade and industry, but with an emphasis on medium-sized and large-scale businesses. What’s more, municipalities, ministries, provinces and educational institutions are satisfied customers of ours.


“Keep it simple and keep your promises”

In addition, SiSo helps businesses with their asset management activities. We replace the workstations and mobile devices and dispose of such items as used PCs, servers, tablets, cellular/mobile phones, network equipment etc., we delete data and references, we provide web-based reporting to the client and we also ensure that disposal is carried out in an environmentally friendly way. Our range of hardware means we have become the leading logistical service provider. We provide cost-effective services with all the support you need.