ITAD Solutions

By having SiSo delivering IT Asset Disposition Services to your organization, you’ll be able to mitigate the risk in a controlled matter and help you to create a maximum value for your decommissioned hardware. The hardware will be processed in a secured, reliable and sustainable process. SiSo makes sure that you can focus on your core business without losing control of the recommission of redundant hardware. Our granted USP’s are Data Security, Data Security, Data Security and a closed- controlled an traceable logistic loop.The main components on which we build up our ITAD process- and where we differ from other parties are:

Although we can apply our standard methods, processes and procedures to your organization, SiSo is also known for its flexible approach. Therefore we can and will adjust our approach to your internal strategy. IT Asset Disposition will also be delivered as a “Tailor-made” solution, following your vision. We envision on relieving you on the process of decommissioning of end of life ICT components.

“Custom built ITAD Solutions”

Support & Maintenance

SiSo maintains and supports complete IT and telecom environments, which ensures that failures and disruptions are either prevented entirely or else kept to a minimum. We provide a comprehensive range of services, from the repairing of all IT-related hardware, the installation or relocation of complete systems to keeping your hardware and software up-to-date, even if your ICT environment includes equipment of different makes/models, ages and platforms. In this way, we ensure the continuity of both your IT and your business communications system. Click here to request more information…

Configuration & Implementation

The technical specifications are used to draw up and review an implementation plan, and if required a migration plan too. This plan will be rolled out in close consultation with your experts, whereby such issues as on-the-job training and knowledge transfer need to be handled correctly in order to enable the smooth handover of management activities. Click here to request more information…

IT End-of-Life Services

SiSo’s comprehensive package of services means you can be sure that depreciated or superfluous equipment will be processed, replaced and disposed of without any problem. SiSo can find the sales channels that exist for purchased ICT equipment, which means that we generate a fair residual value for our clients. Such sales are often made to domestic end-users but we also make donations to those people who are at a disadvantage in the labor market. These activities are part of our service program “ICT End of Life Services”. Click here to request more information…

Circulaire Economy

Over the past 4 years, SiSo has been working with the Royal HaskoningDHV consultancy and the TU Delft University of Technology to create a circular model for ICT-related hardware.

The receipt of a European subsidy has allowed a data model to be developed that underpins our circular model. Click here to request more information…

Controlling & Reporting

Your CFO and CIO need to have an effective instrument at their disposal that gives them financial control when it comes to the management of your ICT environment. This is only achievable if your IT environment is transparent. SiSo helps you to achieve this by providing you with a useful application called Logit that it has developed. Logit is an ICT asset monitoring system that gives you useful information on such matters as: the value of your current installed base, the outstanding RMAs, the inventory positions for new, redeployable and disposable assets, the individual items in a configuration, asset movements, the destruction of your data carriers, and the origin and final destination of assets. Click here to request more information