IT End-of-Life Services

SiSo’s comprehensive package of services means you can be sure that depreciated or superfluous equipment will be processed, replaced and disposed of without any problem. SiSo can find the sales channels that exist for purchased ICT equipment, which means that we generate a fair residual value for our clients. Such sales are often made to domestic end-users but we also make donations to those people who are at a disadvantage in the labor market. These activities are part of our service program “ICT End of Life Services”.

“Creating fair residual value for our clients”

Risk Management

Management boards attach great importance to risk management, and rightly so.

Risk management is subject to rapidly changing trends and developments. Our extensive experience in this field and our development of new propositions, tools and products means that we at SiSo can respond quickly to these trends and can anticipate and even capitalize on them. We can assist you in particular with the identification, evaluation and management of data risks, whilst simultaneously safeguarding your reputation, protecting your security and ensuring that other parties continue to have confidence in you. Our business processes, information and technology have been found to be dependable and trustworthy by such notable players as central governments, accounting firms, insurers and banks.

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IT Dismantling

Relocating to the cloud means some or all of your infrastructure and server room will become superfluous to your requirements. In that case, we will be happy to help you with the dismantling, uninstalling and disposal of the old infrastructure. The dismantling of server rooms requires a professional approach. In providing this, we always bear in mind your needs and wishes in respect of data security, data destruction and the accompanying certification.

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Certified data wipe (Blancco)

SiSo uses Blancco’s data eraser software to wipe/erase computers, servers, LUNs, virtual disks, smartphones, tablets, flash memories and individual files and folders.

If you decide to sell your IT devices then a software wipe will be all you need in this regard.


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Refurbishment (MAR licenses)

SiSo has made an agreement with Microsoft that is part of the Microsoft Authorized Refurbishment (MAR) Program. MAR means that SiSo can deliver new OS licenses at a bargain price.

Microsoft grants the MAR (Microsoft Authorized Refurbishment) license on the basis of the Recover-E® program, in which program SiSo works closely with the TU Delft University of Technology and the Royal HaskoningDHV consultancy. Microsoft’s MAR program provides a sustainable solution that extends the working life of a computer.


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We are in a position to obtain high residual values in the international trade market for the acquisition of used ICT equipment.

This means that SiSo can provide a cost-reducing – and in most cases a cost-neutral – operation of your ICT equipment that is to be replaced. A comprehensive stocktaking process is used to determine the correct residual value and the services you need for the replacement process.

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Data Destruction

SiSo is ISO certified and a gold partner of Blancco Data Wipe software and has its own mobile data shredders in-house. You will receive a report for each data carrier that confirms that all the data on it has been deleted. You can also state yourself how often the data has to be overwritten.

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