Controlling & Reporting

Your CFO and CIO need to have an effective instrument at their disposal that gives them financial control when it comes to the management of your ICT environment. This is only achievable if your IT environment is transparent. SiSo helps you to achieve this by providing you with a useful application called Logit that it has developed. Logit is an ICT asset monitoring system that gives you useful information on such matters as: the value of your current installed base, the outstanding RMAs, the inventory positions for new, redeployable and disposable assets, the individual items in a configuration, asset movements, the destruction of your data carriers, and the origin and final destination of assets.

“All relevant data at your fingertips”


By using the latest information and communication techniques, we can provide you with innovative and forward-looking solutions that give you great efficiency, productivity and dependability. Our extensive experience with the management of ICT-related assets means your computer network is in dependable hands – ours.

We support our customers expertly, independently and transparently.

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Asset Tracking

What we offer

On-site Asset registration – Reverse Logistics – Sealed (roll and other) containers – Detailed reporting for the cleaning up of your CMDB – Serial number and time stamp for each asset relocation


Point-to-Point transportation – ISO-certified Asset Registration – Risk evaluation for all processes


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Realtime Reporting

The LogIT Online Technology and Service management system occupies a special place in SiSo’s portfolio of services. In future, you will be able to retrieve all the relevant technical, logistical and financial data with a simple click of your mouse. During the life cycle of your equipment, you will be able to get all the relevant information about your inventory for instance, including about what items in it are new, configured, migrated, refurbished, swapped, repaired, disposed of etc.

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Support Desk

The support desk is one of SiSo’s major strengths. We believe that it is important to keep our clients satisfied. You want to receive quick and expert assistance as soon as a problem or a question arises, and this is what we believe in too.

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Online Delivery Tooling

SiSo has entered into a range of fruitful partnerships with vendors, resellers and SIs. New computers, notebooks, iPads, servers, software and network components can be stored centrally by SiSo without any problem and can be delivered on a call-off basis either by means of a ‘milkman’s delivery route’ system or on demand. Our web-based tooling means you always know what your inventory position is and which location the equipment has been delivered to, and we also manage such tasks and items as your repairs, spares and redeployments.

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