Circular Economy

Over the past 4 years, SiSo has been working with the Royal HaskoningDHV consultancy and the TU Delft University of Technology to create a circular model for ICT-related hardware.

The receipt of a European subsidy has allowed a data model to be developed that underpins our circular model.

This model, which is known as “Recover-e”, has had many beneficial results, including a close partnership with the Dutch central government that has also led to SiSo appearing as a guest speaker at the international Circular Procurement congress that the Dutch government hosted in April of this year.

“Circular modal for ICT-related hardware”


The Recover-E® Program – which is an initiative of SiSo in partnership with the Royal HaskoningDHV consultancy – is a new way of maintaining control over the chain. The Recover-E® foundation that was set up for this system aims to create a circular economy for ICT Hardware. The business user or consumer lies at the heart of this system, a system where working together can achieve more than the mere payment of disposal contributions and the handing in of hardware. This system brings together all the information needed to monitor and control the respective flows and to exchange this information.

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PC Donation

In partnership with the DEAN foundation, we have been working since 2012 on the campaign that calls on organizations to hand in their old hardware. This hardware brings in important funds that are used to make investments in educational ICT projects in Africa.

We not only donate the equipment, we also coach schools in hardware maintenance and help them to train their teachers. Why the DEAN foundation? Because it knows and understands the market for educational ICT projects in West and East Africa better than anyone else.

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2nd user programma’s

Did you know that your ICT equipment still has some value even after it becomes superfluous to your organization’s requirements? It can be reused to allow other people and organizations to benefit from it, or alternatively the materials used in the equipment can be recycled. In a linear economy, as soon as a product reaches its end-of-life it ends its days in Africa, on a rubbish dump or in an incinerator. However, SiSo is working in partnership with the Recover-E® program ( that uses a ‘2nd user’ program to support the drive to achieve a 100% circular economy.

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In many cases, outdated equipment disappears into so-called ‘grey flows’, such as uncontrolled and life-threatening ‘recycling’ that often involves and affects children. In such processes, the recovery of materials is also very inefficient. With this in mind, SiSo – working in close partnership with the leading consultancy Royal HaskoningDHV – has set up the Recover-E Program for the sustainable reuse and recycling of depreciated ICT equipment. You can base your replacement processes on the principle of sustainability and then opt for a social purpose and donate depreciated hardware to third-world countries via our PC Donation projects.

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Sustainable Reporting

The Track & Trace App “Logit” developed by SiSo is used to record the closed-loop recycling of electronic goods such as laptops, computers and telephones. A controlled closed-loop recycling system means that the devices are reused for as long as possible and are then recycled properly. Everything remains in the recycling system, which ultimately means that no waste is created.

The Recover-E® foundation warrants that there will be sustainability reporting. In the ICT chain, it only works in close consultation with such ISO-certified parties as SiSo, because everyone has to take their share of responsibility for ensuring that the recycling system becomes and remains a closed loop in practice.

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SiSo offers employment positions, learning positions and/or internship posts to those people who are at a disadvantage in the labor market, including for the Salvation Army and for those persons who are in the Dutch WAO (Invalidity Insurance Act), WIA (Work and Income (Incapacity for Work) Act) and WW (Unemployment Insurance Act) programs.

Activities are combined with individual attention and a professional and efficient approach that allows us to keep costs lower and manageable for our clients. Deploying people who are at a disadvantage in the labor market means SiSo can carry out migrations for you in a cost-neutral way.

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